What to pack?

Coming to Nicaragua can be a big change from the states. One needs to prepare for several things when coming of those are rain and humidity. Most of the year it is raining at the facility and year around the humidity is around 80%. There are mosquito's, power can sometimes be out, and water can also be out at times.

Some things to bring along would be sandals for the shower, tennis shoes, a backpack,  hand sanitizer, toiletry items, mosquito spray, and a flashlight. We have extra drinking water at the facility so that shouldn't be a problem when the water goes out. It would be wise to buy a bottled water in your way in from the capital, Managua, so that you will have a water bottle to fill up when you arrive at the facility. Drinking the tap water in Nueva Guinea is not advisable for visitors as the tap water is different from that of the states and could cause stomach issues.

What not to pack?

You don't need to bring any weapons like guns, tazers, and the like.  Also don't pack liquids they will be confiscated at the airport.

Helpful Hints

See the packing section of your airline for allowable luggage, sizes and weights, and carry on items.  It would be advisable to weigh all your luggage ahead of time to make sure they are up to the airline's standards.